Posted by: karenevoss | March 20, 2016

Taking Life Offline

When I went on my first retreat, I learned about unplugging. Unplugging means taking yourself and your electronic devices offline and basking in the quiet, focusing on ourselves and the world around us.

How many of us spend hours in front of a screen everyday while at home, work, or the gym? A screen refers to computers, the TV, tablets, smartphones, etc. How many wear our electronic devices in our ears listening to shows, music, sports, etc? How much time do we waste playing with Smartphones-texting, messaging, being on-line, playing games and talking to actual people? How much has your posture been affected by being hunched over  from a device being held in our hands?

Now, how much time could we gain by turning off electronics? How much energy do we achieve by resting more? Do you find yourself spending more time with family, friends, yourself, and furry family members?

As a child, I heard the words “go outside” and “read a book” on those boring days and I did. A computer didn’t exist neither did video games, but bikes, roller skates or blades, neighborhood fun, and imagination did. Have we lost all that to electronics? Have children lost some of their childhood?

I enjoy spending my unplugged time reading, writing, crafting, walking with nature, or getting lost in my thoughts. I’ve found myself working more on projects. I also recharge by napping and by just being. Swimming as a free fish allows me to relax.

What would you accomplish while unplugged? Think about it.


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