Posted by: karenevoss | April 24, 2016

Prioritizing Life

Weeks ago, over a month, I spoke to a team member from work. The topic-time management or lack thereof. He informed me that time management doesn’t exist; it’s all about priorities. The conversation started by him asking about my book sales and marketing. Frankly, I haven’t given the time I require to do so and the same goes for my writing.

I absorbed what he said, thought a lot about it, and started putting those words into practice. It took time to create a mind-set not based on time, but priorities within a specific time frame. My first attempts put into place at work posed challenging, not for me, but by others. Creating a list of priorities helps me tremendously, yet conveying that list to someone else took effort and I needed to reiterate what had a higher priority. (I wonder now if that was a test.) No matter what, it worked. I continue to prioritize my workdays so everything gets complete even with distractions and technical difficulties.

At home, prioritizing doesn’t arrive as easily. Some days, yes, I can priorities and follow them, on other days not so much. After thanking the guy at work for our initial conversation, I brought this up. He said that at work there aren’t any emotional ties and I added there’s fewer distractions. I don’t want to think of my home life as my job, but maybe I need to apply the same concept. The concept of creating or setting priorities for a specific time frame and this way I won’t feel overwhelmed. Limiting distractions poses more of a challenge, but not impossible. After all, impossible translates to “I’m possible”.

How do you set and achieve your priorities?


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