Posted by: karenevoss | May 15, 2016

Trees of threes in triangles

I’ve walked in Tippecanoe Park at least a thousand times and never noticed the way some of the trees appear. Maybe it’s because there are people, dogs, and noise, but on this night quiet existed (except for a group of squawking seagulls who eventually left).

As I walked along the path, I noticed these three trees in the divide formed a triangle. They’re in an area where the paths cross, a triangle of sorts. I found this peculiar and decided to take a picture using my smartphone (the one day I’m glad I brought it).


My eyes opened at that moment and I wondered if more trees of three existed in the park. The more I walked, the more I paid attention.




For the most part, the trees of three forming triangles grew the same meaning they’re the same type of tree and either they started flowering as a group or they hadn’t yet. I even found young trees that with the right angle formed a triangle. A set of three closed part of a parking lot; it’s possible my eyes put them there, however, the picture shows that isn’t the case.


My friend, Kim, informed me that the number three, “is all about expression, change, & creativity”. In recent weeks, my creative spirit woke up after slumbering during a long winters nap. My mind, always preoccupied with other things said, ‘hey! you need to refocus and prioritize the thoughts and things happening in your life’. With that, I’ve had conversations with others about goals and priorities. I used my creative brain to create a few homemade cards for special events. I have found ways to promote my book That’s All I Got! that doesn’t seem pushy.

Yes, this walk turned into an eye-opening experience.


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