Posted by: karenevoss | July 17, 2016

Why I read paper

It’s 2016, a year and time where people (not all) view paper as pointless. I don’t. The first draft of this post lives in a notebook filled with lines waiting for written works either printed or in cursive (I prefer cursive over printing in most cases). Wait, do children even learn cursive handwriting anymore? How do you sign your name if you don’t learn how? (Hmm…another post in the making.)

Each week, for four out of seven days, a newspaper (The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) arrives at my door. Not only do I receive the coveted comics, coupons, and ads, but I also receive news that I don’t have to hear or read online. I own a library card to borrow books and my book That’s All I Got! Thrival: A Widow’s Journey After Suicide lives inside the walls of three libraries. A magazine subscription arrives in the mail each month. I own hard cover and paperback books. I occasionally pickup other reading material from a store or from

I spend at least half of each work day in front of a computer. For that many hours, my eyes stare down a screen. Some of my break times usually involve my Smartphone. When I first purchased my Smartphone, I planned to use it mainly for selling books with credit cards and normal phone functions. It didn’t take long after the initial get-to-know-your-new-toy-phase to realize that my plan failed. My Smartphone gets used so much more–checking emails, playing on Facebook apps, texting, playing games, looking at blog stats via the WordPress app, gazing at shopping apps, utilizing fitness apps, and I even resorted to writing blogs every so often (gasp…I said to myself that I never would!). What led me here? Convenience. It’s not having to turn on my laptop and to get things done wherever I am (esp. if there’s free WiFi). Along with convenience there’s time–time that gets used up faster, time that gets wasted every time a phone reaches hands, and time you can work on priorities.

We live such busy lives that we lose what we’ve gained–sleep, time, thoughts, dreams, conversations, and the ability to work without screens. What do we gain by stepping away from screens? Sleep, time, thoughts, dreams, more hands-on projects, books pens/pencils to paper, our eyesight, and concentration.

I started writing on my breaks at work again and reading at work and home more. I typed this post on my laptop.

Now finish reading this and go touch some paper, read a book (by yourself or with your family and friends), write a story or a book, go outside, or create a craft. The possibilities surround you.


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