Posted by: karenevoss | August 2, 2016

Auto Correct -NOT!

In a world of text messages, Facebook messaging, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, and smartphones, we’ve come to rely on spellchecker to correct our spelling and grammatical mistakes. There’s just one BIG problem; spell checker doesn’t get it right all of the time and neither do us humans.

If I could get paid for each spelling or grammar mistake I find in anything on the internet, I’d be rich especially on Facebook. Of course most people blame their phones or rushing for their mistakes (my phone likes to change for to fir). I admit that I too have a typo now and then, after all I’m only human. Taking a moment or two to proofread your message or posting before you click send or enter can create an image of you among your peers. The worst cases involve those who post for a business and have a bunch of misspellings or grammatical errors. How will this sell and promote you and your product or service?

There’s a song by “Weird Al” Yankovic titled Word Crimes (click the song title to view the YouTube video). I encourage you to watch and listen to it. As a writer and author, the song creates a statement about people’s writing skills and as a person it’s hilarious. Shorthand shouldn’t work its way into certain pieces of writing. “B C R U are words not letters” is a lyric and lesson “Weird Al” points out. He also addresses contractions used incorrectly though I’m sure on there, their, and they’re. I think to, two, and too could have their own lyrics.

Just remember, people can and will find your spelling and grammatical mistakes, and if they’re like me, they’ll point the errors out and edit you. Happy writing!


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