Posted by: karenevoss | March 19, 2017

The Innocent Youth

This weekend, I remembered back to my Kindergarten days, also known as K5. The private grade school I attended didn’t have any grade levels before K5. I can picture the wide open classroom along with a connected room where we hung up our coats, placed our backpacks, and used the restrooms. We had our own entrance to the school and we played on the upper playground over where the hopscotch grids were. Back then, we attended half days with half the year having classes in the A.M. and the other half of the year having class in the P.M. (the other  K5 class attended the opposite). We didn’t have school uniforms in Kindergarten, but we did have giant pencils with plenty of eraser. We had a rug for story time and instruction from the blackboard. We also had an alphabet circle in which we had other activities as well as tables to sit at.

I can clearly picture the area where the play kitchen stood. Empty boxes, egg cartons, and plastic bottles lined the shelves that included boxes such as the one pictured below.

Today, I’m connected to my Kindergarten teacher on Facebook. I asked her if the play kitchens still existed. The responses I received from her and two other teaches informed me they do in K4 and K5. Children need the chance to play with innocent things and to live like innocent youth instead of worrying about the latest video game or what’s happening on the street. How many parents or guardians still read to their children every day or encourage the children to read? The biggest challenge I remember at that age had to do with getting glasses so I could see from far away, but it didn’t last long because a few of my classmates required them too.

To be 5 again…


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