Posted by: karenevoss | July 18, 2017

Five More Minutes

Last week, I attended two funerals for two amazing gentlemen. A day or two later, as I drove home, I heard part of a new song on FM106 titled “Five More Minutes” by Scotty McCreery. I thought it’s interesting that in my grief I hear the words five more minutes. It opened my mind to thoughts of yes, what if I had five more minutes with Mr. Hermann, Owen, or even my late husband? What would we do? How would we spend the time? What would we talk about? What would we reflect on?

I realize as I write this that all those questions fall under the category of survivor guilt. It’s completely normal to experience, but it’s completely different if you dwell on those thoughts too long. One cannot change the past, but one can reflect on the time you do have and remember the good times of those who have taken a “scenic trip to Heaven” and who you’ll reunite with when God calls you home.



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