Posted by: karenevoss | August 6, 2017

Messages in Books

In recent months, I’ve read three books written by Alison Sweeney otherwise known as Sami Brady on Days of Our Lives and herself as the host of The Biggest Loser. The books, Scared Scriptless, Opportunity Knocks, and my most recent read, The Star Attraction all portray a behind the scenes type viewing of life in TV, movies, and publicity.

I enjoyed reading Opportunity Knocks and The Star Attraction as they have messages that I can relate to. Opportunity Knocks, represents just that, an opportunity that may only knock but once. I had the possibility and then opportunity in 2013 to write my own book, That’s All I Got! Thrival: A Widow’s Journey After Suicide, which published in 2014. Before then, in 2011, I found my voice in writing and my voice called me to write a book. Recently, the voice of writing called me once again write more and to publish another book. While I’m not quite set yet on what messages my thoughts convey, I do know little things keep coming to mind.

Towards the end of The Star Attraction, focuses on slowing down and relaxing, which I’m sure a lot of us require in our lives. Recently, I made the discovery that some stress in my life is contributed to trying to do too much at home, around the house, etc and not doing enough of what I enjoy. Let’s face it, there’s only so many hours in a day during the week and too much to accomplish on weekends. I wonder at times if I’ve lost my focus for writing and then I realize that I need to prioritize and separate how I spend my time. A few weeks ago, I read an email newsletter by fellow Milwaukee author, Rochelle MelanderOvercoming Overwhelm. It couldn’t have appeared in my inbox at a better time as I too feel overwhelmed in my day-to-day (outside of my full-time job). Not only did I read it, but I printed out two copies. Often I procrastinate leading often less time to cross tasks off my lists, yet now I realize that relaxing counts too. So maybe I need to spend an hour on each email account, but not all at once (I have four) to catch up on the growing amount of newsletters outside of what arrives day-to-day. (I swear I delete five and ten more appear). Sorry Rochelle, but I have a folder with an abundance of “Write Now Tips”. Maybe I need to spend an entire Saturday cleaning up the house (with my phone, TV, and DVR off) or dedicating an entire day to scrapbooking, reading, or writing. Just maybe my dreams and thoughts will guide me.

Alison writes in The Star Attraction, “I wish I knew where life will take me next. But with renewed faith and confidence, I’m going to be all right”. I agree.

“Life has a way of altering the game plan, however, it might only change the rules”. -K.E.Voss


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